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MEDITERAN GOLD is an agency specialized in providing all kinds of services related to real estate.

Our agency mediates in buying, selling, renting and / or replacement of property between the buyer and the client who claimed the property, the seller or the client that alienates property. The Agency will carry out actions of property presentation on the market to connect and introduce seller and buyer and perform any services associated with the mediation of the same.

It is believed that the agency has conducted basic mediation services when possible relationship between the seller and the buyer is established, the buyer have taken a sightseeing tour of the property or the meeting between the buyer and seller was arranged for the negotiations to conclude the purchase contract.

For all of our clients - both buyers and sellers - we are offering complete legal services from checking the documentation to the registration of ownership and change of possession.

Thanks to the many years of experience and good contacts we guarantee a high quality solution for every situation in the shortest possible time.

We provide inspection of all legal documents for our clients
Contact us with trust at our office.

About Us

MEDITERAN GOLD is licensed real estate agency. 

We provide advising for our clients with special emphasis on the loans associated property buying.

With all and the first information about the purchase, and all actions and costs that accompany the same will be provided from a personal banker at our office.

In the process of a buying or a selling, we are strict about obeying general business conditions prescribed by law.


MEDITERAN GOLD is  licensed real estate agency in Split, and it it is made ​​up of experienced professionals. Sale, purchase, replacement and rental properties are our primary business.

With the above advise the parties in a large range of legal regulations related to buying and selling real estate.

Contact us with confidence.